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Who is Happy Frenchie Paw?

If we say that we love French bulldogs, it’s simply not enough! We believe that once you connect with a Frenchie, this connection lasts a lifetime. Our love for them has started 15 years ago and never stopped. We decided to unite years of knowledge with our imagination and unique, handmade French bulldog T-shirts are the result of that. Sometimes we express ourselves (hoomans) through a T-shirt, sometimes Frenchie’s feelings (our dogs) and other times we just want to create a cute or funny T-shirt for you!

Did you know?

Frenchies suffer from… 

hip dysplasia, which is the biggest danger out there that can happen to your Frenchie!

Ever had that heart pain when you see a beautiful french bulldog running around with wheels on his last legs? 

Well, it is called hips dysplasia and it is degenerative skeletal disorder in which the ball and socket joint of the hip aren’t formed correctly. If left untreated, it can result in limited activity, pain and the development of hip arthritis, or worse, your Frenchie on wheels!

Here are some tips that can prevent this horror: 
Regular exercise: feed them a high-quality diet and maintain a healthy weight. 
Refrain from jumping and landing on hind legs: holding a ball and having them jump for it. 
Supplements such as vitamin C and E. As always, ask your veterinarian before starting any supplement regimens.  
Avoid over-exercising as a puppy. Keep exercise gentle and low impact.
Get regular checkups at the vet. 

And for the LOVE OF GOD please don’t let your Frenchie use the stairs, or taking unnecessary jumps on or off the couch, just lift and carry your Frenchie, you could save his life!

Take care of your Frenchie.

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